Repair service

Besides spare parts machinery also requires proper qualified control. If necessary, our company provides services for repair and maintenance of following machinery types:

Crawler excavators                                  
Wheeled excavators
Backhoe loaders
Wheel loaders
Bulldozers Skid steer loaders
Storage equipment
Rollers, vibrorollers                 
Asphalt pavers

We provide the following services:

Repair of engines
Repair of transmission
Repair of elecltrical system
Repair of hydraulic system
Repair and replacement of undercarriage   
Other works

Repairs carried out by qualified mechanicals, with extensive experience in this sphere. Works are carried out quickly and efficiently, using non-standard solutions and acceptable prices.

Mobile group of mechanicals fully equipped with all the necessary equipment can arrive at the customer's territory or at specified location. If the equipment requires major repairs or its disassembly, to make such works recommended  in our workshop.

Before starting any repair works we calculate preliminary statement and stipulate realization time-limits. Without customer agreement any works, including of additional, are not starting. On request, we conclude long-term contracts for supervision and maintenance. For carried out works we allow warranty.